Zeman to name Petr Fiala prime minister next Friday

Czech President Miloš Zeman is ready to name Petr Fiala of the Civic Democrats as Czech prime minister on Friday, November 26, in Lány, Mr Fiala said on Wednesday immediately after meeting with the president in the Military University Hospital in Prague.

The expected future prime minister and Together coalition leader (Civic Democrats, Christian Democrats, TOP09) also announced who he wants in his future cabinet.

Mayors and Independents chairman Vít Rakušan is set to be Vice-Premier and Minister of Interior. Pirate Party Chairman Ivan Bartoš is expected to lead the Ministry for Regional Development and simultaneously hold the position of Vice-Premier for Digitisation. Christian Democrats chairman Marián Jurečka has been proposed as the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs and Vice-Premier.

The proposed government is set to include Vlastimil Válek (TOP09) as Minister of Health, Zbyněk Stanjura (Civic Democrats) as Minister of Finance, Jan Lipavský (Pirates) as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Petr Gazdík (Mayors) as Minister of Education, Martin Baca (Civic Democrats) as Minister of Culture, Pavel Blažek (Civic Democrats) as Minister of Justice, Věslav Michalik (Mayors) as Minister of Industry and Trade, Zdeněk Nekula (Christian Democrats) as Minister of Agriculture, Jana Černochová (Civic Democrats) as Minister of Defence, Martin Kupka (Civic Democrats) as Minister of Transport, Anna Hubáčková (Christian Democrats) as Minister for the Environment, Mikuláš Bek (Mayors) as Minister for the EU, Helena Langšádlová (TOP09) as Minister for Science and Michal Šalomoun (Pirates) should become a minister responsible for legislation.

Mr Fiala said that President Zeman told him he had issues with one of the candidates being named vice permier. However, the Civic Democrats leader refused to make public which one. The president is due to meet with each candidate individually during a 10-day period after naming Fiala premier. The whole government should be confirmed within three weeks, said Mr Fiala.

Author: Tom McEnchroe