Zeman to honour interwar politician Antonín Švehla

President Miloš Zeman says he will bestow the highest state honour in memoriam on interwar politician Antonín Švehla on October 28, the centenary of the foundation of Czechoslovakia. Speaking at an agricultural trade fair in České Budějovice on Thursday, Mr. Zeman said he wished to honour Švehla as the founder of the Agrarian Party and a supporter of Czechoslovak agriculture.

In an address, the president also said he would support projects of all sizes aimed at combating drought, including a canal linking the Danube, Odra and Labe (Elbe) rivers, which he has long backed.

Antonín Švehla was prime minister of Czechoslovakia for six years during the First Republic and headed the Agrarian Party from 1909 to his death in 1933.

Author: Ian Willoughby