Zeman and ANO leaders oppose public sector pay demand

President Miloš Zeman agrees with Prime Minister Andrej Babiš and Finance Minister Alena Schillerová that a 10-percent pay rise in the state administration next year – which is being proposed by trade unions – would be wrong. The latter quoted Mr. Zeman after the two ANO politicians met the head of state and his team of experts at his Lány retreat near Prague on Saturday.

The government is planning a 15 percent salary increase for teachers in 2019 and 6 percent raise for other state employees, such as fire and police officers and clerks. However, union leaders want such employees to get 10 percent more.

Ms. Schillerová said she, Mr. Babiš and Mr. Zeman believed that there should be a debate on pay rises. However, a 10 percent rise would cost the state an extra CZK 5 billion and would not be appropriate, she told reporters.

Author: Ian Willoughby