Zahradíl insists that Civic Democrats, British Conservatives, will leave the EPP after June elections

Czech MEP Jan Zahradíl has said that his party, the centre-right Civic Democrats, will not be talked out of leaving the European People’s Party, a grouping of centre-right parties from across the continent at the European Parliament in Brussels. Nor would leader of the British Conservatives, David Cameron, be swayed to chance his mind, Mr Zahradíl told the Czech press. On Tuesday, British paper The Guardian suggested that Mr Cameron was under pressure to reverse his decision to leave the grouping after June’s European elections, both from those within his own party, and centre-right politicians in Europe such as Angela Merkel. The British daily also suggested that the Czech Civic Democrats harboured doubts about leaving the EPP – which is the single strongest parliamentary group in the European Parliament. On Wednesday, Mr Zahradíl said that his party’s departure from the EPP ‘could not be stopped’, and that Mr Cameron would be ‘disgraced’ should he change his mind.

Author: Rosie Johnston