You don’t need to know how to code to be a game design student at the Prague Film School

The game design programme at Prague’s Film and TV School (FAMU) has only been around for two years, making it one of Europe’s oldest film school’s newest Master’s degrees.

Before the game design degree was launched at FAMU, there was no university programme in Czechia that combined the artistic and technical aspects of game development. As a master's degree programme, it brings together people from various fields and backgrounds, including from areas like computer science but also less predictable ones such as philosophy and art. No prior programming knowledge is necessary – “The most important thing is showing that you want to make games and have the talent to make them," says Michal Berlinger, who teaches the course.

Obědárium by Martin Hromádka | Photo: FAMU
Mokosh by Jitka Uhříčková | Photo: FAMU
Michal Berlinger | Photo: Barbora Navrátilová,  Radio Prague International