Writer Bohumil Hrabal’s holiday home on market for CZK 12 million

Writer Bohumil Hrabal’s holiday home

The former holiday home of famous Czech writer Bohumil Hrabal in Kersko, east of Prague, is now on sale for the price of CZK 11.9 million.

The house, a Czech “chata” (summer holiday home), is listed on real estate website Sreality.cz. According to publicist Jan Řehounek, it is currently owned by Hrabal’s former neighbours, who also own one of the other surrounding houses. He says that they maintained the house already during the later years of Bohumil Hrabal’s life, when he would rarely visit the area.

Bohumil Hrabal | Photo: Hana Hamplová,  Wikimedia Commons,  CC BY-SA 3.0

Located just 30 kilometres east of Prague, near the aptly named bus station “Hrabalova”, the recently reconstructed property has 79 square meters of indoor space and a further 3,496 square meters of land. Made up of two large rooms, one of which has a kitchen corner, the house also features a 5.4 square metre summer veranda, a bathroom and a storage room. According to the advertisement it can be used for both recreational and permanent living.

Potential buyers are also informed about the “Hrabal Path” and the Hájenka restaurant located in the nearby vicinity. The later was featured in Hrabal’s book The Snowdrop Festival, which was later made into a film directed by Oscar-winning director Jiří Menzel.

Asked by the Czech News Agency if the local Hradišťsko-Kersko district was interested in buying the villa, Mayor Vlastimil Šesták said that the price is equal to the district’s annual budget and that no such considerations are being made.

The villa is surrounded by the Kersko – Bory Nature Park, which features pine and birch tree rich woodland and is surrounded by the open agricultural fields on the river Elbe. The landscape is dominated by the Sadská hill upon which stands the church of Saint Apollinaris.