Workers hope to finish clearing out dead fish from Dyje river by end of Thursday

The remaining dead fish that were still floating in the Dyje river in the Břeclav region on Wednesday should be fished out of the water by Thursday evening, the Czech News Agency reports. Dozens of tons of fish were found dead in the river last week due to a lack of oxygen caused by an overabundance of cyanobacteria. Fishermen also blame a power plant on the Novomlýn reservoirs, which halted operations on Sunday morning after a second load of dead fish were found.

By Tuesday evening, fishermen and firefighters had already hauled 40 tons of dead fish out of the river and had managed to clean the section from the Novomlýn reservoirs. Due to the large amount of time that has elapsed since they died, some of the smaller fish are already in an advanced stage of decomposition.

Author: Anna Fodor