White Christmas only a dream for Czechs?

Photo: CzechTourism

The weather here in Prague isn't looking too Christmassy at the moment - it's cloudy and around 5 degrees Celsius. But can Czechs expect a white Christmas this year? And if not in Prague, how about elsewhere in the country? I spoke to weather forecaster Jan Pavlik, and began by asking what the weather was like in the mountains.

"In the Czech mountains snow and rain are falling. I think there is enough snow for skiing and for winter sports in general, but it will be a little bit wet or frozen in next days."

Is it going to change next week? Do you know what the weather will be like for the New Year's Eve?

"We expect some cooling at the beginning of next week, but later it will be very similar to today's weather."

Is this weather typical for the Czech Republic? Or how common is it in the Czech Republic - for example in Prague - to have a white Christmas?

"It is quite rare phenomenon to have deep snow cover during Christmas, but sometimes - with 50% probability - we can have just a little snow. But this year the Christmas will be warmer than in average."

So usually there is no snow for Christmas in the Czech Republic. Was it different for example 30 years ago?

"Yes. Due to global warming there is now less snow in winter and during the Christmas time. In average, it is one degree Celsius warmer. The precipitations in winter time come frequently at around zero degrees Celsius. As a consequence of one degree warming the snow can change into rain."