Výstaviště fire raises questions about future display of Slav Epic

In related news, the fire which destroyed part of the site on Thursday has raised questions about the future exhibiting of the Slav Epic, a famous series of paintings by the Art Nouveau painter Alfons Mucha. It has been planned that the paintings would be moved from their location of 45 years at Moravský Krumlov, in southern Moravia, and housed at the Křižík Pavilion in Prague. The pavilion on the exhibition grounds was undamaged by the blaze. But some have criticised the site as a poor choice on account of renovation needed and the fact that it lies in a flood-danger zone. Moravský Krumlov has made clear it will seek reassurances over the site; a contract over the Slav Epic has been negotiated between Prague and the Moravian town but has not yet been signed.

Author: Jan Velinger