Vlasta Horvath - Czechs' 2nd Pop Idol - releases his first CD

Earlier this year he captured the hearts of many young listeners, winning the country's 2nd Pop Idol contest: now singer Vlasta Horavath hopes to follow up his success with his very first album. Titled 'Misto zazraku' - roughly translated as 'A Place of Miracles' it was released on Monday evening and Radio Prague was there.

One 26-year-old tells us that of all the superstars Vlasta is the best... while 11-year-old Bara exclaims "He's really good! He sings really well!" Meanwhile another visitor, 18-year-old David, points out that Vlasta's music is different, that his music is not average pop and "it's good".

As for the actual album itself: it mixes everything from rock to pop rock to rock ballads: everything Vlasta promised earlier this year. Dychej dal - or Keep Breathing - makes use of clanging guitars, steady drums, and clean vocals dipped in a slight metal-glaze. Expect a lot of radio play.

Another song, "Co te napada" is also evocative.

Fans, though may rue the absence of a rock corker that would make use of his vocal range the way Europe's 'Final Countdown' did in Pop Idol. On the other hand, there is no absence of catchy feel good rhythms that reflect Horvath's own sunny nature. How happy is Vlasta Horvath himself with 'Misto zazraku'? Here's what he had to say:

"I wanted the album to reflect my own personality: rock, pop rock, ballads, you could say that was exactly what I was aiming for. In the studio? Sometimes it got a little stressful, we had to bear the stress and get through moments when things weren't going exactly our way. On the whole I have to say though, that I had a great time."

Many have now commented that Vlasta Horvath is a multi-talented singer who can sing just about anything. That said, the album is probably better than we could have hoped, given some of the obvious pitfalls following a Pop Idol victory. While the daily Mlada Fronta Dnes has called the new album an honest "bout" or "grappling with kitsch", what else would you expect from pop rock or rock ballads? For a first album 'Misto zazraku' has enough catchy rhythms and a few surprises that it should guarantee Vlasta Horvath solid footing on the Czech music scene.