Vaidišová pulls out of Fed Cup to concentrate on improving singles ranking

Czech women’s tennis number one Nicole Vaidišová has announced that she no longer wants to play in the country’s Fed Cup team. She made the statement to the Czech newspaper Sport on Wednesday, adding that for now, she wanted to concentrate on her own career. Vaidišová, who ranks sixteenth in the world, said that she was proud to have played for her country in the past, but right now she had to put all of her energy into her standing on the women’s singles circuit. She added it had been a very hard decision for her to make. The captain of the Fed Cup’s national team Petr Pála said that he was saddened by the news, and that the team now found itself in a much weaker position. The Czech team’s next match in the Fed Cup is a play-off against Israel in April.

Author: Rosie Johnston