V4 summit in Prague marked by differences over Ukraine

The prime ministers of the Visegrad Group countries agree that Russia's aggression against Ukraine is a gross violation of international law and that Ukraine needs help, Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala said after a meeting of V4 leaders in Prague on Tuesday.

According to the Czech head of government, the V4 countries differ in their views on the causes of the Russian aggression against Ukraine and on the forms of assistance they are willing to provide to the country. Hungary and Slovakia are against providing military aid, but they are ready to contribute in other ways – with humanitarian or financial assistance, Mr.  Fiala said.

The meeting of the Visegrad group, which also dealt with energy security, the EU's strategic agenda and migration came at a time of strained relations between the four member states over Ukraine. Slovakia’s Robert Fico shocked EU allies on Monday with a speech in which he said the West's strategy for Ukraine in the war with Russia had failed, but that it wasn't ready to admit it.

Dozens of demonstrators gathered outside Prague’s Liechtenstein Palace, where the V4 summit was held, to protest against the views of the Slovak and Hungarian prime ministers.

Author: Ruth Fraňková