Uncertainty over whether Czech accused of spying for Russians will face prosecution

The news site Deník N says that a former Czech diplomat suspected of handing classified information to the Russians may go unpunished. The same outlet reported on Thursday that the Czech BIS intelligence service had uncovered an employee of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs who had collaborated with Russia’s civilian intelligence agency, the SVR. This was confirmed by Prime Minister Petr Fiala and Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský.

However, the man, who has since left the ministry, has been investigated by the BIS, whose evidence may not be used in court, Deník N says.

It said on Friday that it was not clear whether the police were also investigating the ex-diplomat, which would be necessary if criminal proceedings are to take place.

Prime Minister Fiala praised BIS, who had surveilled the man for years, for uncovering his activities.

One source told Deník N that the Russian spy agency had capitalised on the man’s “weakness for women and money”.

Author: Ian Willoughby