Two German nationals on trial for pedophilia in west Bohemia

The trial of two German nationals, Johan Reinhold Weise (60) and Kurt Schmitz (48), both accused of sexually abusing underage children, is underway in the west Bohemian city of Plzen. The two men are accused of acts of pedophilia, which allegedly took place during the past two years in the Klatovsko region of west Bohemia. Lawyers for the prosecution say that the accused chose children from socially disadvantaged families, paid the children money in exchange for sexual favours, and that the youngest victim was a seven year-old boy. The common scene of the crimes is said to have been Mr. Weise's mobile home trailer, which was often parked in the small village of Radkovice. An investigation by Czech and German police led to the men's arrest in June 2006. The accused admit to sexual activity, but say that it was initiated by the children. If found guilty, Weise and Schmitz face up to eight years in jail; a verdict in the case is expect this week.