Two Czech radicals face potentially tough sentences if found guilty of firebombing

Two Czech right-wing extremists, 24-year-old Tomáš Kopecký and 34-year-old Michal Poláček (in 2012, allegedly members of the neo-Nazi organization Blood & Honour Division Bohemia and the militant grouping Combat 18) could face exemplary sentences for an attack on a hostel occupied by Roma residents. The two appeared in court on Monday on charges of attempted murder. Seven others are also facing charges in connection with the case, for the propagation of movements supressing individual rights and freedoms. The attack took place in Aš, northwest Bohemia, in February of 2012. The two main suspects are accused of firebombing a building occupied by mostly Roma families with children. Those inside were able to put out the fire; no one was hurt in the incident.

Author: Jan Velinger