Trolleybuses to return to Prague after 50 years

The Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) is planning on setting up several trolleybus lines in the Czech capital which should replace some of the existing bus lines, Czech Television reported on Tuesday.

Trolleybuses should replace the current 140 bus line from Palmovka to Miskovice sometime next year. The DPP is also considering setting up several more trolleybus lines in the city, for example to connect passengers with the Czech capital’s main airport. DPP Project Manager Michal Andelek told Czech Television that these vehicles are more suited for longer and hilly routes, which is why some of these areas in Prague are being fitted out with overhead lines. In total, the DPP is currently planning to buy 15 trolleybuses.

Electric buses are also being considered as a transport provider between Prague and the Central Bohemian town of Brandýs nad Labem.

Trolleybuses were first set up in the Czech capital in 1936, but they were discontinued during the 1970s.

Author: Tom McEnchroe