Trade union head dismissed for not paying dues

The head of the Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions, Josef Středula, has lost his powers as chairman due to not having paid his union membership fees, the Czech News Agency reports. Last month, the daily tabloid Blesk published a copy of a letter sent to Středula by the Vítkovice steel mills trade union KOVO telling him that his membership was being terminated because he had not paid his dues for five months. According to law, the head of the Confederation of Trade Unions must be a member of a trade union himself, otherwise his mandate as chairman automatically expires.

The Council of the Confederation of Trade Unions has authorised the vice presidents of the organisation, Vít Samek and Radka Sokolová, to take over leadership until the extraordinary convention of the confederation takes place on Monday, March 25, when the new leader will be elected. Josef Středula has said that he intends to run again for the mandate.

Author: Anna Fodor