Tourist of the day - day 5


All this week, Radio Prague has been running a series of interviews with its 'tourist of the day'. Yesterday, Rosie Johnston spoke to some Danish visitors from Copenhagen, who'd stopped in Prague on a drive through Europe. Today, she caught up with a Romanian couple strolling through the Old Town Square.

"It was a quick decision, coming to Prague, because she wanted to."

This sounds lovely and romantic and spontaneous. Can you elaborate?

"Well you talk about it, you wanted to come here."

"It's a very nice city. I knew about it from history lessons. That's about it."

So what did you know about it from history lessons?

"Very few things but I knew it was a very nice city and I wanted to see it."

Whereabouts are you from?

"We're from Romania."

So was this just a case of jumping on a train and coming here?

"We came by car. We are going to France tomorrow and we stopped here for a couple of days."

This is all very romantic. Are you finding Prague actually a romantic town or just a bit stressful? What are your first impressions?

"It's not stressful at all. It's a bit romantic I guess. It's a very nice ex-communist city. It's impressive."

Whereabouts are you from in Romania? The city or the countryside?

"I' am from Bucharest and she is from Brasov."

How does this compare with other ex-communist cities in Romania?

"It's so much nicer, well-renovated, well most of the city, what we've seen anyway. That's about it."

What have you done so far? How long have you been here?

"Four days. We've visited everything there is to see around. The castle etc. and now we are just walking around the streets..."

So do you think Prague is quite small then and you have seen just about everything there is to see?

"The tourist stuff, yes. We've probably covered most of it."

"We've been walking for hours every day."

How are your feet?

"Good. I don't have any high heels with me, which I normally wear in Romania."

How about the people? Have you met any Czechs while you've been here or is it just tourists that you've seen?

"We haven't met lots of people. We are actually just the two of us."

Whereabouts have you been staying?

"A hotel round the back of Prague Castle."

Is the hotel quite pleasant?

"For the price it's decent, for the price we're getting."

You've said it's a pleasant city. Are there any less pleasant things you have experienced?

"Actually no, we have had a great, great vacation."

What have you got left for your final days here?

"Pictures. We have to take some pictures because the first day we didn't have a camera with us. So that's it. Get a good night's sleep and tomorrow drive to France."