Tourist of the day - day 4

Le pont Charles, photo: Stepanka Budkova

All this week, Radio Prague has been running a series of interviews with its 'tourists of the day'. Yesterday, we had three Californian backpackers with a penchant for shopping. Today, we have John and Anne-Katrine from Copenhagen, who are stopping in Prague on a drive through Europe. Rosie Johnston caught up with them during their rather fleeting stay:

"We are very happy to be here. And when you only have one day, you can't go in to see a lot of things, so we have just had a walk around. We've taken in the atmosphere, gone on a boat trip. Now were having a sit down, we drink a lot of beer..."

So, how does Czech beer compare to Danish beer?

"Well, the beer is quite good. Excellent beer, excellent service down here. It is the first time I've ever been here in Prague and I am so impressed with the city. It is so exciting. The nice old buildings, lots of restaurants, nice, cosy places. It's a romantic city. So, I think it's a fantastic place."

A romantic city? Why do you say that?

"The buildings, the restaurants on the banks of the river. You know, it is a romantic city, I would say. It is a nice city and I'm sure I'll be back here sometime in the very near future."

Are you heading off later today?

"Tomorrow morning. We just want to have a nice dinner tonight and then we are off to Berlin tomorrow."

A lot of people say that Czech food is not the most gastronomically wonderful, what do you think about that?

"It isn't. We agree. It's not very fancy. It is old-fashioned and traditional, Czech food. But still, you can get some good dishes. Goulash soup is great, we love it! You can still get a good fillet of beef, and so that's nice."

You live in the Danish capital, so how does Prague compare to Copenhagen?

"There is more entertainment here, there is more for tourists. Copenhagen is not quite the same. There are not so many restaurants in the streets, but it is colder there. Otherwise, they are kind of the same."

"Things are more expensive there. Prague is a place where you really get value for your money, and so it attracts a lot of tourists. We have met a lot of Danish people here. It just indicates that a lot of people come here because it is a nice place, where you get a lot for your money. And of course, when you get so many people coming on holiday, it tends to become very touristy. But I think Prague has struck a fairly good balance. It hasn't turned into the south of Spain with tourist shops all over the place. I think it is a pretty nice city, they have done really well."