Tourist of the day - day 2

Photo: CzechTourism

All this week, Radio Prague is running a series of interviews with its 'tourists of the day'. Yesterday, we had Andy from England, planning a quiet weekend away with his partner (or so he said). Today, we have two Turkish visitors, who are no strangers to Prague's nightclubs. They started by telling us what they were doing:

"We hired some bikes and we are looking around at the city."

How long have you been here now?

"Four days and this is our last day."

What have you managed to fit in to your first four days here?

"We went to some clubs at night."

How are Prague clubs? Do you like them?

"The cabarets are not good but other clubs, regular ones, are very good. You can talk to people, you can have fun. I like it."

So which clubs did you go to? Which were your favourite?

"We went to Mecca, Bombay, Roxy and Zlaty strom."

Photo: CzechTourism
And which was your favourite of all of them?

"Bombay, I guess."

Did you meet some nice Czechs there or was it mainly other tourists?

"We met some Czech girls and also tourists. It was a very busy four days for us."

Everyone always says Czechs girls are very beautiful. Are you of the opinion that Czech girls are very gorgeous?

"They are extremely beautiful. I have never seen such population this beautiful in the world."

What other things have you been up to?

Photo: CzechTourism
"We went to museums, Charles Bridge, we went to all these historical places with our bikes and we took a lot of pictures. The whole city is like a museum. You can take pictures everywhere. It's very nice, I like it."

Whereabouts are you from in Turkey?


Does Prague feel quite small in comparison?

"Prague is very small if I compare with Istanbul. Istanbul is a very big and crowded city. It's a living city. I can find anything, at any time in Istanbul. Here after a certain time of day, it's like it's dying. You see only three or four people in the street. It's very quiet."

That sounds a bit on the sort of sad, negative side. Have you had any other negative experiences or has it all been good?

"Actually a lot of guys are coming and saying things like 'you want to come to our disco?' They are really annoying. I don't have anything negative to say about Prague though. The city and people, they are very nice and kind."

Do you think you'll come back or is it just something you wanted to see and that's it?

"I want to come but I need time. I am working so I don't know if I am going to come again. But I would like to come."

And how has it been cycling around? They always say Czech motorists are kind of scary. How have you been getting around with your bikes?

"We are from Istanbul so it doesn't matter to us. There are no rules in Istanbul in traffic, so we don't care. Here it is much safer."