Tourist of the day - day 1


The tourist season here in Prague is at its peak at the moment. To reflect the mix of visitors to the Czech capital, Radio Prague is running a mini-series of interviews with our 'tourists of the day'. All this week, you can hear what foreign visitors make of the capital, its good and its bad points. In the first installment, I visited Wenceslas Square to talk to some new-arrivals:

"My name's Andy, I'm from a place called Cannock. It's in Staffordshire in England."

And what brings you to Prague?

"What brings me to Prague? A weekend with my partner, and a couple of friends. We've come for a cultural weekend, visiting Prague."

A cultural weekend? What sort of cultural highlights are you hoping to see?

"That's a good question. I have only heard from gentleman friends, and they tell me it's good. But I didn't want that, having been in Amsterdam six weeks ago. So, I thought I'd bring my partner, and we'd come for the fine wine and the fine food."

It's a nice sunny day here in Prague, but apart from that have you had any other impressions of the town?

"We've only been here for two hours at the moment, it's hard to say. But at the moment, first impressions are very nice."

I suppose the first thing that you will have experienced is the airport and the public transport system, which people often really like. What do you think about it?

Photo: CzechTourism
"We travelled from our hotel to where we are sitting now via the underground. I must say, it is a lot better than the London underground. But, not having an underground in Cannock, I can only comment on the two. So yes, it's a lot better than the London underground."

And I see that you might have had a chance to sample some Czech beer already. Does it have a different taste here?

"It's a little bit stronger, yes."

Well, thank you very much and enjoy your holidays. How long are you here for?

"Three nights."

In tomorrow's 'tourist of the day', two Turks on bicycles!