Topolanek will not force deputy PM to resign

Czech prime minister Mirek Topolanek told reporters on Wednesday that he would not force deputy prime minister Jiri Cunek to resign. Mr Topolanek said that the "media witchunt" surrounding Mr Cunek who is accused of corruption exceeded the "boundaries of good taste." The coalition government's leaders met behind closed doors on Tuesday night to decide the fate of deputy prime minister and Christian Democrat chairman Jiri Cunek, who has been charged with taking a bribe when he was mayor of the town of Vsetin five years ago. Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek had previously said on Monday that Mr. Cunek's continued presence in government was untenable and that the door would be open for him to return if he was able to clear his name. The Green Party has also indicated that Jiri Cunek's presence in the cabinet is unwelcome. The Christian Democratic Party leadership has stood by its chairman throughout the crisis.

Author: Coilin O'Connor