Topolanek re-elected Civic Democratic Party chairman

Prime Minister designate Mirek Topolanek has been re-elected chairman of the Civic Democratic Party for another two-year term. On Sunday he received almost 70 percent of votes from a total of 476 delegates. No one else challenged Mr Topolanek for the post. Afterwards, he thanked those who voted for him, saying he thought it was "the right decision". Two years ago he was elected with 90 percent of the vote. But, now it is apparent the party chairman has lost some support due to recent developments in government negotiations. This week Mr Topolanek dropped an earlier demand for early elections in 2007 in favour of a solution involving all four non-communist parties, but some delegates are upset he has decided to deal with close election rivals the Social Democrats. A number of those spoke out on Saturday.

Author: Jan Velinger