Topolánek: EU to discuss mission to monitor Russian gas supplies through Ukraine

The Czech prime minister, Mirek Topolánek, has said the European Union will on Thursday begin discussing the sending of international observers to monitor the supply of Russian natural gas through Ukraine. Speaking as the president of the EU, Mr Topolánek also said there would be an emergency meeting of EU energy ministers in Brussels on Monday, if the crisis sparked by the closing of pipelines carrying Russian gas via Ukraine to Europe was not resolved by then. The president of the European Commission, Jose Barroso, said in Prague on Wednesday that both Russia and Ukraine had given assurances that they would accept international monitors. The two countries have been locked in a dispute over prices and payment; Russian power giant Gazprom began reducing gas supplies to Ukraine’s Naftogaz on New Year’s Day before shutting pipelines completely on Tuesday night. The heads of both companies are set to meet in Brussels on Thursday at talks which also be attended by the Czech industry minister, Martin Říman, and European Commissioner for energy Andreas Piebalgs.

Author: Ian Willoughby