Top military brass emphasise need to fulfil NATO obligations at annual meeting

Both Defence Minister Jana Černochová and the head of the Czech army, Karel Řehka, emphasised the importance of Czechia fulfilling its NATO obligations and continuing to support Ukraine in their speeches at the annual meeting of Czechia's top military brass, known as the Command Assembly, on Tuesday.

Chief of the Army General Staff Karel Řehka noted that membership in NATO did not negate Czechia's responsibility to build a strong army, and said that although 600 new professional soldiers were recruited last year, the army still needs to step up its recruitment.

Defence Minister Jana Černochová similarly spoke of the obligations and responsibilities that NATO membership brings and said Czechia must actively try to fulfil these and not just be a freeloader reaping the benefits. She also said that Czechs must continue to support Ukraine and that Czechia was not giving up on the search for other ways it could support the country.

Author: Anna Fodor