TOP 09 leader expresses support for Hudeček

Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg, the leader of the TOP 09 party, has expressed support for fellow party member Tomáš Hudeček, suggesting he would be a suitable candidate for the post of Prague mayor. He made the comment in an interview for financial daily Hospodářské noviny. Other sources have reported he also has broader backing among the party. Until recently, two others Jiří Vávra and Václav Novotný were considered favourites for the job. Mr Hudeček has been acting mayor in the capital since the collapse of the coalition between TOP 09 and the Civic Democrats. Last month Bohuslav Svoboda, who was mayor for 2.5 years, was dismissed alongside other Civic Democrat councillors. A new mayor and new council are expected to be elected next week; TOP 09’s Prague branch is continuing negotiations with the opposition Social Democrats.

Author: Jan Velinger