Tibetan flag hung from both houses of Czech parliament

MPs from the Green Party hung a Tibetan flag from a window at the lower house of the Czech parliament on Wednesday morning in support of human rights in the disputed territory. The Greens also placed a Tibetan flag on their benches in the Chamber of Deputies as part of an international day of solidarity with the people of Tibet, which was annexed by China in 1959. Senator Vlastimil Sehnal of the Civic Democrats hung the flag from a window in the upper house. However, neither house of parliament took part in the protest as institutions. A motion to raise the Tibetan flag in the Chamber of Deputies itself was not even debated, after the left wing parties voted to reject including it on the agenda of a lower house session. Over 350 town halls around the Czech Republic also flew the flag on Wednesday, following a tradition of recent years.

Author: Ian Willoughby