Thousands demonstrate against President Zeman over ‘traitorous’ Vrbětice stance

Thousands demonstrated in central Prague on Thursday against President Miloš Zeman and other Czech politicians defending pro-Russian positions. The protest, organized by A Million Moments for Democracy, came in response to allegations Russian agents caused a 2014 ammunition depot explosion in Vrbětice that left two dead. Zeman said Moscow’s role is unproven.

Police estimated some 10,000 people took part in the demonstration on Wenceslas Square, in compliance with health restrictions, while organizers say twice as many protesters took part. Many carried banners denouncing Zeman as a “puppet of the Kremlin” or “a traitor to his homeland”.

After a week of silence, Zeman gave a televised address on Sunday in which he cast doubt on the cause of the explosion at the Vrbětice munitions depo in 2014, warning of what he called “hysteria” and “speculation” regarding Russia.

In an address to protesters on Thursday, A Million Moments for Democracy chairman Benjamin Roll called on senators to stick to their plan and to bring a constitutional lawsuit against Zeman for “high treason”.

Author: Brian Kenety