Thirty years after divorcing, Czechs and Slovaks still close

Journalists from Radio Prague International and Radio Slovakia International get together to talk about the peaceful break-up of Czechoslovakia thirty years ago and how it has affected people-to-people relations.

Thirty years ago Czechs and Slovaks parted ways peacefully, in what later became known as the Velvet Divorce. The end of Czechoslovakia and the birth of two independent republics added a new border to Europe’s map but it did not change the special relationship that the two nations have after more than 70 years of living in a common state. In a special half-hour program, bringing together Radio Prague International and Radio Slovakia International, we talk about the ties that bind us and the days when we were one foreign language service.

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  • The Velvet Divorce: 30 years

    The former state of Czechoslovakia peacefully split into two countries, the Czech and Slovak Republics, on December 31, 1992.