Third Czech Army evacuation plane from Afghanistan lands in Prague

The third evacuation aircraft sent from the Czech Republic to Kabul arrived back in Prague on Wednesday night, carrying 62 individuals, among them Afghan translators, their children and Afghans with long-term residency in the Czech Republic. Inside the aircraft were also four Afghans whose transport had been requested by Slovakia. According to Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Eva Davidová, the plane also carried members of the Czech Army’s special forces. In total, the three Czech air transports have brought 195 people to Prague from Kabul.

Foreign Minister Jakub Kulhánek said that the evacuation was coordinated by his ministry’s crisis staff and the Czech Army.

The Czech Army was active in Afghanistan as part of the NATO mission there since 2002. Overall, 11,500 Czech Army service members were posted to the country, with total Defence Ministry expenditure on Afghan missions amounting to roughly CZK 20 billion.