Theatre director slams show of intolerance during performance in Brno

The head of the National Theatre Brno, Martin Glaser, has slammed the show of intolerance during a performance of the play Our violence, Your violence by Croat director Oliver Frljich at the Goose on a String Theatre in Brno on Saturday night. Glaser said he considered the incident a serious warning regarding the state of Czech society, adding that it reminded him of scenes in films documenting the rise of fascism.

Around 30 protesters disrupted the performance, forcing their way on stage where they formed a human barrier to prevent the audience from watching, blew whistles and threw paper balls at the actors. They were eventually evicted by members of the Brno anti-conflict police team. The performance resumed after about an hour.

The play, in which Jesus rapes a Moslim woman, has raised controversy in other countries as well. The Czech Catholic Church has vehemently protested against its showing.