Teen idol 'superstars' team up for off-season duet


Two former teenage contestants on the Czech version of the international hit show 'Pop Idol' have joined forces for a one-off duet. The young men, Samer Issa and Filip Jankovic, both made it into the final rounds of the enormously popular television show Cesko hleda Superstar. Can they capitalise on their '15 minutes' of fame?

Samer Issa, who took home the 'bronze' in 2004, the year that 'Cesko hleda Superstar' made its premier, at age 18 already has a successful career as a recording artist. His boyish good looks have also landed him a lot of advertising and promotion work.

Filip Jankovic, on the other hand, has yet to capitalise much on his fifteen minutes of fame. For many, the 19-year-old Slovak was the contestant you loved to hate. Week after week, the show's panel of judges were amazed at his staying power - while they offered highly critical comment, the indefatigable Jankovic flashed his trademark toothy grin, and the television audience - whose votes are what count in the end - lapped it up.

Filip Jankovic's singing is not high art, to be sure, or even on key. But he perfectly mimics the dance moves of greater hip-hop talents and the teenage girls who make up the bulk of the Superstar audience forgive him everything.

Samer and Filip will appear together on stage as part of a "Superstar jdou do nebe" or "Superstar goes to heaven" concert in the city of Litomerice - something to keep the show's fans happy in the off season.

In the meantime, the dynamic duo is busy practicing their dance moves, and looking to ensure they remain in the hearts and minds of their young Czech fans.