Tatra trucks to supply Czech army with 71 vehicles in CZK 500 million deal

Photo: Tatra Trucks

Vehicle manufacturer Tatra Truck has signed a CZK 557 million contract with the Czech Army, according to which it will supply 71 transport vehicles in the coming years. The new deal was announced by the company’s spokesman Andrej Čírtek.

Photo: Tatra Trucks

Specifically, the contract entails the delivery of 37 Tatra Force heavy trucks and 34 medium range Tatra Tactics. A further 30 Tatra Force vehicles could be supplied to the army between 2022 and 2024.

“What we will receive, based on this contract, ensures a rise in the Czech Army’s transport capacity when it comes to logistical support of units and equipment active in combat training, foreign missions as well as humanitarian and rescue operations”, Deputy Defence Minister Filip Říha told Czech Radio.

Filip Říha,  photo: Ministery of Defence
The army currently fields more than 3,000 Tatra vehicles.

Aside from the 71 new machines agreed in the recent contract, Tatra is also supplying 31 heavy off-road trucks through an earlier agreement.

In June, the Ministry of Defence signed an order for 62 Titus armoured cars. These are built on a Tatra chassis and the Czech vehicle manufacturer will be taking part in their production.

Aside from supplying the Czech Army, Tatra has also recently registered successes in Jordan, where it is supplying 328 chassis in a deal worth over CZK 1 billion.

The truck and special purpose automobile manufacturer plans to build between 1,000 to 1,100 vehicles this year. Around 80 percent of Tatra products are exported.