Sweden ready to offer loaned aircraft for free if Czechia favours Gripens after 2027

Sweden is ready to offer the Czech Republic the Gripen fighter aircraft it has on loan for free, if the government opts in favour of Gripen aircraft after the loan expires, Sweden' s ambassador to the Czech Republic, Fredrik Jörgensen, told the Czech Press Agency in an interview. He said the planes would be modernised and the Czech Republic would be able to buy the latest version of the Gripen aircraft, the Gripen E. According to the ambassador, the Swedish manufacturer Saab could deliver the new machines without a long waiting period. He also pointed out that the Czech army would not have to change the base facilities needed for the aircraft. The Czech Republic has leased 12 Gripen C/D fighter aircraft in single-seat version and two in two-seat version from Sweden. The lease expires in 2027 and can be extended for two years.

The Fiala government must decide as soon as possible what fighter aircraft  the Czech army will use after the end of the lease of Swedish Gripen aircraft in 2027. The US and Sweden are both interested in the billion crown contract.