Svoboda accuses Šťastný of trying to destabilise party

Prague Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda has accused fellow Civic Democrat Boris Šťastný of trying to destabilise the party in Prague. Mr Svododa’s words came in reaction to statements made by Mr Šťastný at the weekend, in which he claimed he had signals that the mayor and people close to him may be switching to the TOP 09 party. Mayor Svoboda said the comments were evidence of the fact that the Prague district leader of the Civic Democratic Party is trying to destabilise it at all costs and that his supporters had signed the new coalition agreement based on the support of their district associations. Boris Šťastný initiated last week’s collapse of the grand coalition at Prague City Hall, which many believe was intended to remove the mayor from his post. Three days later Mr Svoboda negotiated a new coalition with the centre-right TOP 09 party.