Survey suggests many regard Andrej Babiš action over Stork’s Nest affair as immoral but not fraud

A third of those claiming a basic knowledge of the Stork’s Nest affair surrounding finance minister and ANO leader Andrej Babiš regard his actions as fraud with 36 percent saying it was not fraud but immoral behaviour. A quarter regarded Stork’s Nest as an affair created to discredit Babiš. The percentages result from a survey for national broadcaster Czech Television by the Median STEM/Mark agency. Those claiming deeper knowledge have a more negative reaction to the minister with 36 percent saying the claim of European funds for his farm and conference centre was fraud. A further 41 percent said it was immoral and only a fifth regarded the scandal as fabricated to tarnish Babiš’ name. The minister revealed Wednesday in a special debate in parliament that the project was owned by his daughters and the brother of his partner when it received 50 million crowns in European funds. Billionaire businessman Babiš claimed he was not guilty of fraud by claiming cash aimed at small and medium sized companies. Fellow coalition parties have said they will wait for the results of an investigation by European fraud experts before deciding on further action.

Author: Chris Johnstone