StB registers to appear on the web

Two registers of alleged agents and collaborators with the former Communist secret police (StB) will appear on the internet this week, the daily Lidové noviny wrote on Tuesday citing former dissident Stanislav Penc. The StB registers of agents, collaborators and even people whom the dreaded secret police investigated are to be put online by Mr Penc himself as a form of protest against the way that these registers are being used by the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes. The former dissident insists that the institute should not have a monopoly on the registers and says the public has the right to whatever information is available about the past. The head of the institute Pavel Žáček has criticized the move saying that the registers in question are full of mistakes which could do people a great deal of harm. Stanislav Penc is said to have acquired them from Jan Langos, the former head of the Slovak National Memory Institute who died in a road accident in 2006.

Author: Rosie Johnston