State Drug Administration looking for new cannabis supplier

Illustrative photo: chcifyc / Pixabay, CC0

The Czech Republic’s State Institute for Drug Control is once again looking for a supplier of medicinal cannabis. Companies interested in the 6.36 million contract can register for the tender by July 6, the head of the State Drug Administration Zdeněk Blahuta told the Czech News Agency on Thursday.

Illustrative photo: chcifyc / Pixabay,  CC0
The State Institute for Drug Control has made two bids for a cannabis supplier in the past, but they failed to meet the necessary qualifications required in the tender. The new tender was announced this week in the Journal of Public Procurement.

Just like in the previous tenders, the institute is looking for someone to supply 40 kilogrammes of medicinal cannabis, which has to meet the quality standards approved by a laboratory. The contract would last for a maximum of 48 months.

Until the end of January this year, Czech patients could buy medicinal cannabis provided by a domestic supplier, a company called Elkoplast Slušovice. However, the contract with the company ended last year and no replacement had been found so far.

At the moment, patients can buy cannabis imported from the Netherlands, but its cost is significantly higher. The imported cannabis costs around 300 crowns per gram, three times as much as the local one.

Medical marihuana was legalized in the Czech Republic in April of 2013 following years of lobbying by associations of patients with diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and chronic joint pain sufferers. Under the new legislation, each patient can use up to 180 grams of dry cannabis matter a month.

It is currently being offered on electronic prescription and can be prescribed by specialists, such as neurologists, dermatologists or palliative care specialists.