SPOZ elects new leader

The Party of Citizens’ Rights – Zemanovci (SPOZ) has elected Zdeněk Štengl its new leader at a party conference in Prague. Mr. Štengl takes over the party leadership from Vratislav Mynář, who now serves as chancellor to President Miloš Zeman. The president, who has retained honorary chairmanship of the SPOZ party said he firmly believed the party grow in strength and cross the 5 percent support margin needed to win seats in the lower house in the 2014 general elections. However he warned its members against seeking an active role in government alongside the Social Democrats who are expected to win the next general elections. Mr. Zeman pointed out that such a role had proved destructive to all the smaller parties who had succumbed to the lure of power before they were ready for it. He advised SPOZ members to work hard in the opposition and give themselves time to grow and produce strong leaders.