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Yes, it's time for the sports round-up now, and we'll start off with tennis, and what started out as a good week for the Czech Republic's women tennis players last week, ended on a much lower note.

The Czech Republic's two players in the women's tournament in Leipzig, Kveta Hrdlickova and Denisa Chladkova, looked good at the start of the week, when they both made it through the first round, but it was bad news for both ladies, as Kveta Hrdlickova was defeated in straight sets, 6-4, 6-0, by fifth seed Magdalena Maleeva of Bulgaria. Denisa Chladkova was also beaten in straight sets, 6-3, 6-2, by the Austria's Barbara Schett, seeded sixth. This puts the Czech out of the tournament altogether.

It was mixed fortunes too for the Czechs in the men's World Championships of the interestingly named sport football-tennis. In the singles tournament, Petr Bubniak got the Czechs off to a flying start, pounding his way through to the final, where he beat Slovak Stefan Forrai 11:8, 11:7, giving him a pleasant overall victory of 2:0.

In the doubles tournament, things also got off to a flying start for the Czechs, as Jiri Dvorak and Josef Tirpak making it through to the final with very little in the way of competition. In the final the Czechs were up against the Slovaks again, but this time the Slovaks were triumphant, beating Dvorak and Tirpak 11:9, 11:9.

Things went much the same way for the Czechs in the triples tournament, once again making it to the final, and yet again they were up against the Slovaks, who knocked them out in straight sets, 11:6, 11:6. So, not all bad news there for the Czechs, with one title under their belts.

Away from football-tennis now, and we'll take a quick look at the latest football results from the Czech first division matches played at the weekend:

Ceske Budejovice 3 - Slavia Prague 2; Teplice 4 - Ostrava 0; Viktoria Zizkov 3 - Synot 1; Olomouc 1 - Liberec 1; Pribram 3 - Prague Bohemians 0; Brno 1 - Plzen 0; Jablonec 0 - Drnovice 0; Sparta Prague 1 - Blsany 0.

After the latest round of matches, Sparta Prague, with a total of thirty points, has managed to increase its lead to 6 points ahead of Teplice and Liberec, who both have 24. A good start to the season for Sparta, but its early days yet.

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