Speculation growing about ministerial posts in possible coalition

Zbyněk Stanjura of the Civic Democrats is being spoken of as a candidate for the post of finance minister, amid speculation over personnel in a new government being formed by the Together and Pirates-Mayors coalitions, which can form a majority after general elections at the weekend. The Pirate Party are tipped to get two cabinet posts, including minister for regional development and digitalisation for leader Ivan Bartoš.

Together, comprising the Civic Democrats, the Christian Democrats and TOP09, should get nine government departments, while the Pirates and Mayors are in line for six, according to reports.

Mayors chairman Vít Rakušan has previously said he is interested in the post of minister of the interior while the leader of TOP09, Markéta Pekarová Adamová, is being spoken of as a possible speaker of the lower house or minister of labour and social affairs.

In any case, the Together group is demanding that one of its MPs serve as new speaker.

The Civic Democrats’ Petr Fiala is in line to be prime minister.

Author: Ian Willoughby