Speakers warn against rise in far-right extremism at Terezín commemoration service

At a commemorative service at the former Terezín concentration camp in central Bohemia on Sunday, speakers warned against the rise in far-right extremism in the Czech Republic. Around 1,500 gathered in the National Cemetery at Terezín on Sunday to commemorate victims of Nazism. After a laying of wreathes, head of the Terezín memorial, Jan Munk warned against the rising number of far-right gatherings and marches taking place across the Czech Republic. He said that ‘as a Czech and a Jew’ he felt threatened by this trend. Head of the Czech Senate Přemysl Sobotka said that he was unhappy with the amount of media coverage far-right extremists enjoyed in the Czech Republic, and said that more should be done to clamp down on neo-Nazis in this country. This Sunday’s ceremony was the 63rd annual commemorative service at Terezín concentration camp, where over 2600 people died, and from which many thousands more were transported, during the Second World War.

Author: Rosie Johnston