Soul singer Michal Prokop's new album

Michal Prokop

Although once considered the best Czech soul singer, Michal Prokop chose to enter politics during the 1990s where he served for 10 years. Now, after years of silence he has restarted his signing career and has just released a new album - Mohlo by to bejt nebe (It could have been heaven).

Photo: Supraphon

The rock and blues singer and song writer Michal Prokop has been part of the Czech music scene for over 50 years. With their clever lyrics, his songs have always appealed to sophisticated audiences but he has also scored a series of major hits.

Prokop says that he started working on his latest record, because he needed a new external impulse. The album features 13 songs, with poets Jiří Záček, Pavel Šrut and several others writing the lyrics. One of the songs was even inspired the legendary artistic trio Ježek-Voskovec-Werich.