Social Democrats win election

The Social Democratic Party has won the country’s general election but failed to secure a decisive victory sought by party leader Bohuslav Sobotka. The party had hoped to gain one-third of the vote to form a stable minority government (tacitly-supported by the Communists). But with all of the ballots counted, the Social Democrats secured only 20.4 percent, making it clear the party will seek coalition talks with other potential coalition partners (with the apparent exception of right-of-centre TOP 09 and the Civic Democrats).

There is no guarantee, however, that Mr Sobotka will get the nod from President Zeman to try and form the next government. The president made clear in the past that he would only choose a prime minister designate from the “winning party”, leading to speculation he could choose someone other than its leader, presumably from a more closely-aligned wing.

Author: Jan Velinger