Social Democrats mention Špidla, Švejnar as possible candidates for commissioner

Members of the Social Democratic Party have charged that Czech President Václav Klaus, as well as a group of senators from the Civic Democratic Party preparing to challenge the Lisbon treaty, could threaten the post of Czech EU commissioner. At a press conference on Friday, Social Democrat MEP Jiří Havel warned that the Treaty of Nice would continue to be valid if Lisbon failed - meaning the Czechs could end up losing the post. On Friday Mr Havel made clear he favoured current Czech EU commissioner, Social Democrat Vladimír Špidla, continuing in the job, while deputy party leader Bohuslav Sobotka mentioned both Mr Špidla and the Czech-American economist Jan Švejnar as possible candidates. Czech politicians have so far been unable to agree on a joint candidate for EU commissioner. The country’s two largest parties – the Social and Civic Democrats – are expected to negotiate on a candidate after the election in October.

Author: Jan Velinger