Sobotka will lead coalition talks for now

Social Democrat chairman Bohuslav Sobotka will lead the talks on forming a new Czech government for the time being, as the party had not yet agreed on a new negotiating team, Mr Sobotka and deputy chairman Milan Chovanec told reporters on Thursday. Only the party’s central executive committee, due to meet on November 10, will be able to approve the final team, they said. The party leader also apologised to voters for developments since last Saturday’s election, when 20 members called on Mr Sobotka to resign over a weaker-than-expected election result.

Above all, Mr Sobotka stressed the party would move quickly to resolve a current split, not wanting to complicate party talks. The Social Democrats are to lead negotiations primarily with two other parties, ANO and the Christian Democrats. Together they could form a coalition commanding a comfortable majority of 111 in the 200-seat lower house.

Author: Jan Velinger