Slovakia seeks Lisbon exemption as price for its support

Slovakia has declared that it will not support Czech President Václav Klaus’ demand for an exemption from the Lisbon treaty unless the same exemption applies to it as well. Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajčák said the country could not support something that put it at a disadvantage. Czech Prime Minister Jan Fischer said on Monday he was convinced a wording could be found to suit Slovakia.

President Klaus has declared he will not ratify the Lisbon treaty unless he is given a firm guarantee in the form of an exemption from its Charter of Fundamental Rights that Germans expelled after WWII cannot use it to reclaim property. The so-called Beneš decrees that paved the way for these expulsions applied in Slovakia as well with German and Hungarian minorities forced to leave. Slovakia has already ratified the Lisbon treaty with the Czech Republic the last country to do so. Bratislava’s move increases fears that the ratification process could start to unravel.

Author: Chris Johnstone