Slovak president cancels Forum 2000 address in Prague due to illness

Slovak President Zuzana Čaputová will not attend the Forum 2000 international conference in Prague, where she was to deliver a speech on Monday, due to health reasons.

She was due to be one of the main speakers at the 23rd Forum 2000 Conference, which began on Sunday afternoon, and this year focuses on the legacy of democratic change since 1989, climate change, and social changes brought about by new technologies.

The conference was co-founded by the late Czech President Václav Havel. Its primary aims are the support of democratic values, civil society and respect for human rights. This year’s theme is “Recovering the Promise of 1989.”

President Čaputová had also wanted to visit Prague to pay her respects to the late Czech singer Karel Gott and actress and Charter 77 signatory Vlasta Chramostová, both of whom died earlier this month.

Author: Brian Kenety