Slav Epic on show in Moravský Krumlov

Painter Alfons Mucha’s masterpiece The Slav Epic has been returned after 10 years to the Moravský Krumlov Chateau. Visitors are able to view the series of 20 paintings depicting Slavic myth and history from Saturday, July 31, the Czech News Agency reports.

The paintings will be exhibited in Moravský Krumlov for the next five years after which administrators plan to return them to Prague where they will be displayed in the Savarin Complex on Wenceslas Square for 25 years.

The Slav Epic was on display in Moravský Krumlov from 1963, but was transferred to Prague in 2011. Since then the city spent millions of crowns on reconstructing the local chateau in order to have the paintings returned.

Author: Tom McEnchroe