Sharp rise in demand for Czech coal from Poland

Several Czech coal trading businesses have been forced to halt sales as their stores are running out due to a sharp rise in demand from Poland, news site Seznam Zprávy reported on Friday. Jakub Hanuš from the coal warehouse of Olvan Náchod told Seznam that while a ton of coal now costs between 20,000 to 25,000 crowns in Poland, in Czechia Poles are able to purchase the same weight for just CZK 5,500.

Some warehouses have chosen to save the little coal they have left for Czech customers, while others have set limits on the maximum amount of coal they are willing to sell. Mr Hanuš told the news site that there is now a risk that those clients who order coal as late as October will not be able to receive their order during the winter.

Poland, a major European coal producer, is using the material to fuel its industry. Many Polish households, who normally purchased coal for their heating needs from Russia, are now experiencing severe shortages, Seznam Zprávy reported.